Give your car

some added protection with these insurance add-ons

Cars these days have become more affordable, but maintenance costs have risen. To protect your car, comprehensive insurance is recommended. Here are some recommended add-ons to safeguard your vehicle:


One of the most sought-after add-ons; under this cover you can claim the entire cost of replacing parts damaged during an accident. During claim settlement, it offers full settlement coverage and depreciation. Herein, the insurer also bears the entire cost of repairing and plastic fiber.


In the humdrum of life your keys can get misplaced or stolen. In such a scenario, this add-on can help. You will be given the total sum of replacing the lock and key. If it’s a theft, you will need to lodge a police complain first.


It protects your accumulated discount percentage from going back to zero, even if you lodge a claim. The rider ensures lower premiums for more than a year depending on the number of no-claims accumulated. NCB cover costs about 5-10% of your base policy, while it may be comparatively expensive, the accumulated NCB helps you save a good sum of money.


A lot of consumables (brake fluid, engine oil, nuts and bolts, coolant, etc.) are necessary to bring a car back in shape after an accident. The overall bill can be a lot more due to these expenses. This cover gets you the amount spent on consumables.


Stuck in the middle of nowhere with an empty tank, a flat tyre, or a dead battery? With this add-on, services such as towing, refuelling, changing a flat tyre, getting a mechanic, etc. are covered.


This covers your vehicle’s engine and electronic circuit. It compensates for any repairs related to the engine, even if the cause is not an accident.


Depending on your policy, when your personal belongings go missing or get stolen from a locked car, there’s an add-on clause that lets you claim for the same. Some companies offer cover up to Rs. 50,000