INCLUSIONS & EXCLUSIONS of mobile insurance

Every time you drop your phone, your heart skips a bit, your mind starts racing, thinking of the small fortune you will have to spend to fix it.

Losing a phone is a much worse situation to be in because the latest high-end smartphone you bought with your hard-earned money is now gone for good.

Mobile insurance allows you to rest easy without worrying about these scenarios. If you’re not convinced why you should get one, take a detailed look at the typical inclusions and exclusions of mobile insurance before you make up your mind.

What mobile insurance covers?

Although the coverage differs from policy to policy, here are some of the most common inclusions.

Most mobile insurances cover any damage caused:

By water affecting the internal mechanism

To the Hardware Such AS :

Issues with the touchscreen

Cracks on the touchscreen

Faulty earphone jack

Issues with the charging port

Due to fire, explosion, or lightning

During a riot, strike, or terrorist activities

To the internal or external components of the mobile

The risk of loss of phone is also covered when it is:

Stolen in a house break-in or during a burglary

Stolen from a locked and secured vehicle or building

What it does not cover?

Some risks and damages are not covered by mobile insurance, such as:

Mysterious disappearance of your mobile phone

Theft from unattended vehicles

Theft when not being used by the owner

To the mobile when not being used by the owner

Due to routine wear & tear

In the form of mechanical or electronic breakdowns

Due to climatic conditions


During repairing or cleaning

Due to malicious intent of the owner

By experimenting with the phone under abnormal conditions