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pay the highest

price for petrol

Price escalation chart (Mumbai)

How the price of crude oil adds up

Indicative prices based on data for the 1st week of Oct 2018

Price of crude oil purchased from overseas

` per litre


Logistics cost (oceanic transport charges) added


Refining expenses (paid by oil marketing companies to refineries), profit margin, & other expenses of the oil marketing company


Central excise dutys ...................


Dealer’s Commission ................


Tax for Mumbai region (presently 39.12% VAT)


Price charged at fuel stations


Retail selling price at petrol stations – how it’s affected


In the last 18 months:


Crude oil price rose from $45/barrel to $84/barrel

Dealer’s commission increased by one rupee

Rupee weakened vis-à-vis the US dollar

Fuel price in India is now subject to dynamic fuel pricing

Important facts of petrol price in Mumbai

The city has a separate tax rate on petrol and diesel & does not follow the rest of the state; petrol price in Mumbai is always higher than in Maharashtra

Mumbai charges the highest VAT on petrol and diesel

The peak rate for petrol in Mumbai was on 4th October 2018 (Rs 91.39)