you must achieve in 2018

As we resolve to become better and healthier in body, let us also resolve to become financially stronger. Here are three goals that you must consider in 2018.

Get Healthy

A healthy workout will not only help you lose weight but can improve heart and lung functions, strengthen your body and make you happier.

Set an achievable target: lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks, cycle to work, etc.
Make a Plan – set a routine
Don’t eat less – eat wisely

Become Financially Literate

Literacy is not just about learning to read or write! It's about gaining the necessary knowledge to make better decisions.

India makes up more than 15% of the world population, of which 76% is financially illiterate
Track your monthly bills, review your bank account statement, set a monthly budget, read about latest news and updates, etc.

Get richer by
investing money smartly

Investing your money in different instruments like stocks, mutual funds, equity and debt markets will help generate more money in the long-term.

Increase your investments by 10% or more each year
Boost your savings with your bonuses when possible
Diversify your investment portfolio
Look for newer investment options which give you high returns