Did you know your

lifestyle could be

contributing to

kidney disease?



suffers from some kind of chronic kidney disease.


INDIA adds


people to its list of dialysis patients every year. While this number raises a huge concern, many of us still aren’t aware how our habits can affect the

health of our kidneys

Here are some bad habits that can, over time, cost you your kidneys:

Taking lots of

Kidneys filter a large part of fluids in the body to remove waste in the form of urine. Taking high doses of painkillers for extended periods affects this filtering process, putting stress on the kidneys.

Consuming excessive

Sodium, present in salt, contributes to hypertension – increased blood pressure. Over time, hypertension reduces kidneys’ ability to filter and this may lead to kidney failure.

Not drinking enough

Not drinking at least eight glasses of water every day can prevent kidney from removing toxins efficiently from your body. This is a major reason why people get kidney stones.

Drinking too much

If you have more than four drinks every day, you are five times more likely to suffer from a kidney-related condition. The high amount of sugar in alcohol makes it more difficult for kidneys to excrete it via urine.

Eating food with
high sugar content

People suffering from diabetes are more likely to develop kidney-related diseases. Also, a high sugar content is directly linked to hypertension, which in turn stresses the kidneys over time.

These habits can affect the health of your kidneys and lead to various chronic kidney diseases.

Another reason why you should think about taking care of your kidneys is the

high cost of treating
kidney-related issues:

12 rounds of haemodialysis every month

₹ 12,000 - ₹ 15,000

Kidney transplant at a private hospital

₹ 5 lakh - ₹ 20 lakh