December is when you get caught up planning parties
and often leads to you forgetting about your own finances.

So, here are 5 key considerations that will help you get financially ready for 2018.

Review your Finances

Did you meet your financial goals for 2017? Look back at the numbers and figure out how to increase your savings in the New Year. Get rid of unnecessary expenses and set small goals to achieve through the year.

Plan your taxes

Don't let the holiday fever stop you from planning your taxes. Remember December 15th is the last date to pay your third installment of advance tax.

If you are a salaried indivudual, soon you will have to submit your investment proofs and other documents (as per the declaration provided at the start of the financial year). It is to avoid taxes being deducted by your employer.

Prepare your 2018 budget

Chalk out major expenses and note down your financial goals for the coming year. Figure out how much money you need to save monthly. Remember, you are investing time in planning, so, ensure you execute your plan throughout 2018 too.

Look for new investment options in 2018

Even if you met your financial goals for 2017, don't stop there. Look for newer and better investment options for 2018. Evaluate risks and diversify your portfolio, keeping the current trends in mind.

Choose better gifts

Consider smart financial gifts for your loved ones this year. For instance, open a child's savings account for your child. Its always good to start early to teach kids about managing money.

Disclaimer: This infographic is intended for general information purposes only and should not be construed as investment or insurance or tax or legal advice. You should separately obtain independent advice when making decisions in these areas.