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IPOs that have disappointed investors in the last 10 years

With a slew of IPOs poised for 2019, it makes sense to study why new issues have suffered in the years since 2008

How attractive market conditions have led to the best start to IPOs in 20 years

The early days of the pandemic wiped out a lot of investor wealth, but also presented new opportunities for investors especially in the technology, healthcare and pharma space. A record 43 IPOs were launched in India during the 2020 calendar year raising over US$4 billion! If you are looking to explore the world of capital investments this article works as a perfect guide regarding everything you need to know – what is an IPO, how does it work, how to evaluate the potential of an IPO, risk-reward parameters, the application process and more.

Why you should take the ASBA route for IPO applications?

ASBA has a few benefits that are worth knowing while investing in IPOs. Here's all you need to know before using your SCSB account.

Leading crypto trading platforms in India

India has a vibrant crypto trading market with some well-established platforms for you to trade in.

IPOs in 2021: How to invest in IPO via Kotak Securities, HDFC Securities, Sharekhan, and ICICI direct

Zomato IPO is here: Your wait for an opportunity to invest in one of India’s biggest start-ups is over

What is an option chain and how traders can take advantage of option chain data?

Traders have to look at multiple places for multiple data points to decide which options to trade. An option chain addresses this challenge by providing detailed information about option contracts for a particular security or an index.

What is stop loss order? How to use it the right way while investing in equity shares

We often read headlines of how the Sensex and Nifty crashed in a single day due to some event, causing huge monetary losses. What these headlines don’t highlight is the fact that during such crashes, many investors and traders get wiped out forever. During such big market falls, many naive traders crash and burn as they don’t use stop loss in their trades. In this article, we shall explain what a stop loss is, how to use it, and its advantages and disadvantages.

Is your IPO rightly valued?

Before considering investing in an IPO it is important for investors to understand what IPOs are and how they work.