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What is compounding? How to benefit from compounding in stocks and mutual funds?

This article explains how to harness the power of compounding - in various instruments such as bank deposits, shares, and mutual funds - and guides you on how to maximise returns on your investments using the power of compound interest.

What Is Delivery Trading: Insights, Advantages And Disadvantages

Delivery trading comes with several advantages and disadvantages. This style of trading is important for long-term investors.

What animal mirrors your stock trading personality?

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Invest in the Top Penny Stock Under ₹10 Which Delivered 10% Intraday Returns in a Day

Vodafone Idea’s stock is a penny stock priced under ₹10. The stock has recently delivered attractive returns with its intraday price moving up by up to 10% and hitting the upper circuit. Check out the stock’s latest performance.

What you need to know about equity funds?

Looking to invest? Here's why investing in an equity fund is a good option

Best dividend-paying penny stocks in India

Here are some of the best dividend-paying penny stocks to buy for Indian investors.

invest in semiconductor stocks Premium

Wall Street’s Best Analyst’s recommendation on 2 semiconductor stocks to buy and what makes them stand out

The growth of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, driverless vehicles, and the Internet of Things have all contributed to an increase in demand for semiconductors. These businesses can gain from the rising demand for their goods.

Best Indian IT stocks for long-term returns

Learn about the finest IT stocks in several categories for you to invest in.