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The Britannia Effect: Why the Share Price Plummeted by 6%

Britannia's share price has fallen 6% this month, caused by CLSA's downgrade, rising raw material costs, rural demand slowdown, and a reluctance to reduce product costs.

What are the intraday trading charges in India?

All you need to know about intraday trading charges in India.

Top 5 stock market Gurus in India

India is in the transition phase, and today's investors are inclined towards saving and investments in various financial instruments. The number of stock investors in India is about 4–5%, much lower than in the US and the UK. However, the number of stock investors is increasing every month.

How to cash out your ESOPs if you exit your firm?

ESOPs were once the silver bullet for retaining top employees in the IT sector. But it’s been accepted across industries, and has found popularity in start-ups looking to save cash and keep their best minds. However, when the employees do leave, are ESOPs as beneficial as they’re made out to be, and when is it best to cash out?

Top 3 Best Performing Sectors in the Indian Stock Market: Future Prospects for 2023

The top sectors in the Indian stock market that are the best performing are health and insurance, FMCG, Real Estate, IT, Infrastructure sectors, etc.

5 Companies That Has Declared Dividend for the February-March 2023 Period.

A look at five dividend-declaring companies that will distribute dividends in February-March 2023

7 Best brokerage firms for Intraday Trading in 2022

Check these mobile apps for intraday trading

Should you invest in Adani or stay away amidst the raging Hindenburg report?

Adani stocks are falling after Hindenburg's report. Will they continue to fall?


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