4 IPOs and 6 Listings Scheduled for the Week. D-Street Gears Up for Some High Action.

Major activity will be going on in the stock market with the launch of 4 new IPOs and 6 new companies would be making their stock market debut. Know the details.

4 IPOs and 6 Listings AT Dalal street

The stock market allows traders to buy and sell stocks during an average working week, which starts on Monday and ends on Friday. This week, as the second week of July starts, the stock market would be abuzz with a lot of activity. While the regular trading activity would continue, there would be four new IPOs and six new companies that would be listing themselves on the exchange during the five days, starting on the 10th of July and ending on the 14th. Check out the details of these new happenings on the stock exchange to keep yourself updated on what is new.

  • The stock market is expected to have considerable activity in the second week of July.
  • 4 new IPOs would open during the week.
  • Six companies would also be making their debut on the stock exchange, as their shares would be listed
  • Cyient DLM is expected to make waves as it lists on the exchange as it is trading at a premium in the grey market

Check out the details of the IPOs and the listings scheduled for the week.

IPOs Opening During the Week –

IPOs Opening During the Week

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Listing Details

Here is a look at the companies that would be listed on the stock exchange during the week:

Listing Details

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The bottom line

If you have invested in the IPOs of the companies which would be listed, keep an eye out for the listing price and the price movement on the first day. For others who want to invest in an IPO, there are four options to choose from. Know the latest happenings in the stock market for making informed investment decisions.

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