Magnificent Seven? Experts See Up To 98% Growth In These Stocks

If you are planning a fresh investment, have a look at what experts think about the upside of these seven stocks.

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When experts from leading brokerage firms recommend a stock, we always pay attention. This is why we cover seven stocks in this article, which are strongly tipped by various analysts to see a significant upside in the next year. 

  • Short and mid-term upsides are important factors in investment decisions.

  • From a 98% upside in Krsnaa Diagnostics to a new surge in a leading private banker, these stocks are from across the industry. 

  • Find out what experts from HDFC Securities, Axis Securities and ICICI Securities have to say about the growth prospect of these stocks.


Stocks With High Upside Potential

  1. Krsnaa Diagnostics – As per JM Financial this stock has an upside potential of nearly 98%. At the time of their analysis, the stock was trading at Rs 485, which has surged to Rs 634 at the time of writing. The firm has set a target price of Rs 960 for this healthcare sector company. 

  2. UFO Moviez India – Ventura Securities has marked this share, trading now at Rs 111, to go up to Rs 185. That’s a 68% upside for this cinema distribution company. 

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  1. Sobha Limited – Currently trading at around Rs 610, HDFC Securities sees a 53% upside in the stock. The target price estimated by the broker is Rs 935. Sobha Limited is a Bengaluru-based real estate company.

  2. GMM Pfaudler – Axis Securities has tipped this engineering and glass-lined equipment company to register a 46% growth from Rs 1,523 to Rs 2,230. The stock is currently trading at Rs 1,570. 

  3. Bharat Petroleum – The oil and gas giant has had an indifferent five years in the stock market, with a negative growth of 2.5% compared to its current price of Rs 353. ICICI Securities is optimistic that the stock will see a 53% upside, taking it to Rs 540 per share.

  4. VA Tech Wabag – This desalination and water treatment company has fallen from Rs 540 to Rs 487 today. Yes Securities has given buy advice on the stock with a one-year target price of Rs 636. This is a 30% upside potential from the last traded price.

  5. ICICI Bank – Leading private banker ICICI Bank is expected to see an upside of 23.7% from its then price of Rs 955. This estimate was made by HDFC Securities who has set a target price of Rs 1,200 for the stock. The stock is currently trading at Rs 968.



Expert opinion can be one of the factors to consider, but your risk appetite and portfolio composition are just as important in making an investment decision. Keep an eye on the trend in these recommended stocks and invest after identifying suitable entry points. 

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