Profit Surge Sensation: Adani Transmission's Q4 Results Leave Investors Awestruck

Did you know that Adani Transmission's Q4 Results show a 70% YoY Profit Surge and 17% Revenue Rise? Discover the details now!

Adani Transmission Net Profit Rockets
  • Adani Transmission's Q4 net profit surges 70% to Rs 389 crore.
  • Revenue rises by 17%, indicating strong performance in power transmission.
  • Transmission and distribution EBITDA grow by 9% and 43%, respectively.
  • Distribution losses at 4.89%, collection efficiency above 100%.

Adani Transmission, one of India's leading power transmission companies, has recently released its Q4 results for the financial year 2022. The report reveals a remarkable 70% year-on-year (YoY) surge in net profit, which has soared to Rs 389 crore. Additionally, the company's revenue has risen by 17%, indicating a strong performance in the power transmission sector. These impressive figures are a testament to Adani Transmission's commitment to excellence and innovation in the industry. In this article, we will delve deeper into the Q4 results and explore the factors that have contributed to the company's success.

Share price of the company

Adani share price


Stock prices have declined significantly over the past year, with a 60% drop in the past 12 months, a 70% drop in the past 6 months, and a 17% drop in the past month.

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Highlights of Q4 results are given below:

  • Adani Transmission's Q4 net profit grew 70% to Rs 389 crore from Rs 229 crore in the same period last year.
  • Net profit grew due to a onetime income of Rs 148 crore from a regulatory order and a mid-term true-up order.
  • Q4 consolidated revenue increased by 17% YoY to Rs 3,031 crore, while operational EBITDA surged 28% to Rs 1,570 crore.Adani Transmission's Q4 revenue grew due to new lines and increased energy demand.
  • Adani Transmission's transmission and distribution EBITDA grew by 9% and 43% respectively in Q1 FY23.
  • Adani Transmission's fourth quarter PAT grew by 11% in the transmission business and 478% in the distribution business, aided by a mid-term true-up order by the regulator.
  • Transmission system availability was 99.68% in Q4 and 609 ckm was added to the operational network, bringing the total network to 19,779 ckm.
  • Energy demand grew by 11.5% YoY in Q4FY23, driven by increased demand from the commercial and industrial sectors.
  • Adani Transmission's distribution losses were 4.89% in Q4, and collection efficiency was above 100%. The company offers  renewable energy and competitive tariffs, with wind and solar accounting for 30% of its energy mix.

The Board of Adani Transmission approved the re-appointment of Mr. Anil Sardana as the MD for 5 years, and the change of name to Adani Energy Solutions, subject to approvals.     

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Adani Transmission's Q4 results showed strong performance with an impressive surge in net profit, EBITDA and revenue, high transmission system availability, and the addition of new lines. However, the company faced significant declines in stock prices over the past year and competition from other power transmission companies, both domestic and international, is likely to grow.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for general information purposes only and should not be construed as investment or legal advice.

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