Are you a long-term investor? If yes, you do not want to miss this list of renewable energy stocks in India.

The share of renewable energy is increasing rapidly in India, and many companies are part of this growth story; you can invest in these companies through their stocks.

green energy stocks
  • India ranks 4th in the Renewable Energy Installed Capacity. 

  • The share of renewable energy has increased to 42.5% from 21% in the last decade.  

  • Several companies aim to achieve their highest portion of energy from renewable sources.

  • Some of India's best renewable energy stocks are ONGC, KKV Agro Power Ltd., Tata Power Ltd, NHPC, etc. 

Investing in the renewable energy sector in India can be a lucrative option for investors to diversify their portfolios. Due to the change in climate and escalating environmental concerns, many countries are shifting from non-renewable sources to renewable energies. 

What are green energy stocks?

Green energy stocks are the companies developing alternative technologies to replace non-renewable sources with renewable ones such as wind, hydroelectric, and solar. Green energy is the world's future and has a vast scope.

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List of renewable energy stocks in India

Here is the list of renewable energy stocks in India with high market capitalisation and dividends. 

1. KKV Agro Power Limited

It is an independent power producer and renewable energy company specialising in agriculture-based energy. These renewable energy stocks in India take a green approach to wind generation with the help of advanced technology. 

  • Market cap - 53.34 crore

  • 1-year return - 4.43%

  • ROE- 5.8%

2. NHPC Limited 

National Hydroelectric power corporation is a hydropower board owned by the Ministry of Power in India. It focuses on the development of hydroelectric power and promotes renewable energy sources. 

  • Market cap - Rs 43243 crore.

  • 1-year return -27.45%

  • ROE- 10.83%

3. Tata Power Company Limited 

Tata Power is one of the leading power companies with a diversified asset portfolio. It includes thermal, hydro and other renewable energy sources. The company aims to achieve 30 to 40% of its energy from renewable energy sources 2025.

  • Market cap- Rs 70505.17 crore

  • 1-year return: -4.9%

  • ROE- 21.14%

4. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC)

This public sector enterprise is India’s largest oil production company. It has a diversified portfolio that includes both onshore and offshore oil fields. Almost 70% of India’s crude oil comes from here. ONGC is planning to achieve 10 GW of renewable capacity by 2040. 

  • Market cap- Rs 196378 crore

  • 1-year return: -6.9%

  • ROE- 13.12%

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Investing in renewable energy stocks is a long-term investment for investors’ diversification and growth. Therefore, analyse the market performance and trends before investing in the energy sector stocks. 

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Disclaimer: This article is intended for general information purposes only and should not be construed as investment or legal advice. You should separately obtain independent advice when making decisions in these areas.




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