Bear markets: How long do they last? How should you invest in them?

Every bear market follows a bull market wherein all losses are recouped, and markets eventually hit new highs. It follows that bear markets are a great time to make investments that earn you good returns.

Since the start of 2022, stock markets across the globe have been volatile with a downward bias. Bad news kept piling up with every passing day. Events like the Russia-Ukraine war, high commodity prices, supply chain disruptions, COVID-led lockdowns in China, high inflation, central banks raising interest rates, US Dollar strength, and fears of a recession all played a part in dragging the global markets down.  In 2022, almost all global stock markets fell. The only difference is that some were already in a bear market, while others managed to contain the fall. This brings us to the question: is the bear market a good opportunity to buy Indian stocks? Read on to find out. What is a bear market? A bear market refers to a situation where there is a prolonged fall. This applies ...


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