From ₹15 to ₹1000: The Astonishing Rise of Tata's Share and What Lies Ahead

Curious about how Tata's ₹15 share reached ₹1000? Read to know why an expert predicts more bullishness to come?

Stock Market Marvel
  • Tata Chemicals' share reaches ₹1000 from ₹23 in 23 years.
  • Share price reaches high of ₹1214.65 in the 52-week period.
  • Share growth: 6.45% in 1 year, 34% in 2 years, 213% in 3 years.
  • Restructuring of American business drives bullishness.

Get ready to be amazed by the remarkable growth story of Tata's ₹15 share! In a stunning turn of events, the share price has soared to ₹1000, leaving investors in awe. According to experts, this is just the beginning, as there is even more bullishness to come. Experts believe the future looks promising for Tata Chemicals, a company under the Tata Group umbrella. In this article, we dive deep into the details of this extraordinary feat, exploring the factors behind the surge and the expert insights that point towards a continued upward trajectory. Prepare to be captivated by the astounding success of Tata's ₹15 share and the exciting prospects that lie ahead.

Share price in last one year

On October 11, 2022, Tata Chemicals' share reached a high of ₹1214.65 for a 52-week period. On July 1, it reached a low of ₹ 773.90 for the same 52-week period. The current price of the share is about ₹ 993 and market capitalisation is about ₹ 25365 crores.

Tata Chemicals


Share price performance over the years

Tata Chemicals' share has grown by 6.45% in one year. Over a two-year period, it has increased by 34%, and in three years, it has risen by 213%. On October 11, 2022, it reached its 52-week high of ₹1214.65, while on July 1, it reached its 52-week low of ₹773.90. Interestingly, back in the year 2000, this share was priced at ₹15. Thus, over a span of 23 years, investors have received a return of 2075%.

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Reason for bullishness in the stock

Tata Chemicals has announced the restructuring of its American business. The company has modified the holding structure of its American operations, which includes rebranding and the merger of Tata Chemicals (Soda Ash) Partners LLC with TCSAP LLC and TCNA Holdings LLC.

Brokerage view on target price

Tata Chemicals' shares have received a buy rating from Geojit Financial Services, with a potential price target of ₹1340. The company's profit in the March quarter of FY23 stood at ₹709 crore, a significant 61.87% increase compared to the corresponding quarter in the previous year. However, in FY22, the profit was ₹2317 crore, higher than the ₹1258 crore recorded in the previous financial year.

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Tata Chemicals is a well-established company with a strong track record of profitability. The company has been growing its business in recent years, and its shares have performed well in the stock market. However, there are some potential risks to consider before investing in Tata Chemicals. The company faces competition from other global players, and its margins could be squeezed if input costs rise.

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