Delisting alert – 9 stocks to get delisted. Know if you have any in your portfolio

Delisting of 9 shares from the stock exchange

9 stocks to get delisted

When a company wants to go public, it offers an IPO (Initial Public Offering). The IPO allows companies to list on the stock exchange and offer their shares for buying and selling. The opposite happens in the case of delisting.

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Delisting means the removal of a company’s shares from the stock exchange. When a company delists, its shares are no longer offered on the secondary market for buying and selling. A company might delist voluntarily or at the direction of SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India). In either case, investors can sell the shares back to the company or over the counter when they find a buyer.

In recent times, nine companies have been delisted from the stock exchange. Here are all the details –

nine companies delisted from the stock exchangedelisted companiescompanies delisted from the stock exchange

Check which shares you have in your portfolio. Sell such shares at their individual offer prices so that, once delisted, your portfolio does not carry the stock.

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Check out this video to know what happens when a stock delists


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