Penny Stocks Over 700% Returns: Have You Invested?

Due to the Russia-Ukraine war, markets are facing troubled times. Despite this, many penny stocks in the Indian market are giving great returns. Tine Agro has shown the highest returns.

 Indian market are giving great returns

Domestic equity markets are facing troubled times due to the Russia-Ukraine war. Moreover, the economy is still to recover from the effects of the Covid pandemic. Despite all this, plenty of penny stocks in the Indian market have turned out to be highly profitable investments. 

Effect on Indian Market

During the troubled times, India enjoys much more control over its market than many other nations. This is according to Chatham House’s chairman, Jim O'Neill. He also believes that the Indian market will likely show the greatest recovery when things return to normal. As such, there is little surprise that so many Indian penny stocks are showing such brilliant returns.

Highly Profitable Penny Stocks

As per the latest data, Tine Agro has shown the highest returns among the penny stocks. It is showing a whopping 724.26% return. 

Kaiser Corporation comes to a close second with returns of 722.58%. Some other penny stocks organizations with very high returns are BLS Infotech Ltd, Khoobsurat Ltd, Kiran Syntex Ltd, and Hemang Resources Ltd.

Below is the data of the most noteworthy penny stocks that have shown great returns.

Noteworthy Penny Stocks

There is no strict definition of penny stocks, at least from a theoretical perspective. In the data above, we have considered only those which are in single digits or below INR 10.


In these troubled times of the Russia-Ukraine war, these over 700% penny stocks are an excellent investment opportunity in the Indian market. If you crave high returns, perhaps you need to seriously focus on penny stocks from now on.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for general information purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice. It can separately obtain independent advice when making decisions in these areas.


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