Multibagger stock Shubham Polyspin Limited gets big investment from foreign portfolio investors

This company is a global leader in the Polypropylene yarn sector

Foreign portfolio investors invested

Shubham Polyspin Limited is a smallcap firm with a market capitalization of Rs 240 crores. The company is a global leader in the Polypropylene yarn sector. Polypropylene is a versatile raw material because of its superior tensile strength, lightweight, and resistance to extreme temperatures and chemicals. Polypropylene is used in packaging, automobiles, healthcare, construction and electronics industries. The raw material is gaining significance, and the company Shubham Polyspin was established in 2012 to meet the rising demand for the industry. 

The company's top leadership includes Anil Somani, Ankit Somani and Akshay Somani. It is a family-run business founded by the founder Mr Anil Somani. Ankit Somani is the MD, and he is an MBA in Finance and Investment Management from the Prifysgol Cymbro University of Wales. He was appointed the MD of the company in 2018. 

The stock price of Shubham Polyspin closed at Rs 217.5 on Friday, 15th July 2022. The 52-week high of the stock is Rs 219, and the 52-week low price of the stock is Rs 112.8. The YTD return of the stock is 24.7%, and the one-year return of the stock is 68%. In the last five years, the stock has been a multibagger, and the stock price has become ten times.

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FPI interest in Shubham Polyspin Limited

Mauritius-based global investment firm AG Dynamic Funds Limited has invested in Shubham Polyspin Limited. AG Dynamic Funds has bought 1.02 lakh shares in the firm at a share price of Rs 215.05. This deal took place on the 14th of July. The deal was classified as a bulk deal on the BSE website.

The company's management confirmed the bulk deal when inquired about the deal. They said that 1.02 lakh shares were bought by AG Dynamic Funds. The stock has given fantastic returns to the investors in the last five years, and the stock has become ten times in the past five years. 

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Shubham Polyspin Limited has given good returns to the investors, and the stock has been a consistent performer in the last five years. The unique business model of the company helps the company outperform the general market. The polypropylene sector is expected to clock a CAGR growth of 5.2% from 2021 to 2028, as per a report. If this growth sustains, this stock can continue to give multibagger returns in the future as well. Read this Expert article to understand How to find undervalued stocks?

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