High returns for investors: Adani gas shares rises from Rs 900 to Rs 2485

In one year this Adani total gas continues to have huge earnings. Share prices jumped from ₹900 to ₹2485. Good news for investors!

High returns for investors Adani gas shares rises

Adani Group firms' shares have increased in value and rewarded its shareholders over the past year. Adani Total Gas increased from Rs 900.80 to Rs 2485.75 throughout this time.

Despite stock market volatility during the past year, the stock prices of three Adani Group firms have benefited their investors with large profits. Adani Transmission increased from Rs 939.70 to Rs 2466.10 during this time, while Adani Total Gas (ATGL) rose from Rs 900.80 to Rs 2485.75. And the share price of Adani Power shares has continuously increased from 109.80 to Rs 275.60.

Performance analysis of the Adani Gas stock 

The stock value of Adani Gas closed at Rs 2,485.75 on July 7, 2022, with a 0.42 percent increase over the previous closing value of INR 2,410.45. The share price of Adani Gas has climbed by 3.88 percent over the past week while falling by 0.53 percent over the past month. The share price of Adani Gas increased by 5.21 percent during the past three months and returned 39.04 percent over six months. The shares of Adani Gas increased by 175.95 percent and 1385.36 percent in three years, while looking at the return for one year.

Detailed Analysis:

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Stock price History of Adani Transmission:

In the previous year, shares of Adani Transmission gained by 162.43%. While this stock has returned 994.83 percent over the last three years. It has also increased by 1817.65 percent in past years. On July 7, 2022, the stock price fell by 1.81 percent from its previous closing price of Rs 2,476.3. This stock is priced at Rs 2,466.10 per share. The share price of Adani Transmission increased 20.53 percent during a month while dropping 0.31 percent in a week. Adani Transmission's share value jumped 38.86% during six months, compared to just 0.67 percent growth over the previous three months. Here is the list of Top 10 stocks of 2021 with the highest returns

Performance analysis of Adani power:

Adani Power's share price has shown an upward moment and closed at Rs 275.60 on Thursday. With remarkable performance and great finance reports the share price has increased by 151% in the past year.

The performance evaluation has shown the stock's performance has increased by 332.99 percent and 870.42 percent, respectively in the past 3 - 5 years. 

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