How attractive market conditions have led to the best start to IPOs in 20 years

The early days of the pandemic wiped out a lot of investor wealth, but also presented new opportunities for investors especially in the technology, healthcare and pharma space. A record 43 IPOs were launched in India during the 2020 calendar year raising over US$4 billion! If you are looking to explore the world of capital investments this article works as a perfect guide regarding everything you need to know – what is an IPO, how does it work, how to evaluate the potential of an IPO, risk-reward parameters, the application process and more.

COVID-19 brought global financial markets to its knees. One would have thought that recovery would take years, especially as newer variants of the virus continue to spread even a year after its onset. However, as can happen with financial markets, there was a V-shaped recovery fairly quickly and the markets seem to be turning a blind eye to the pandemic as they continue to reach all-time highs. BSE (India) and S&P (US) showing sharp recovering from massive lows in late March 2020 A few tailwinds that resulted in this unprecedented recovery and the ongoing bull-run can be attributed to a few macro trends: Boom in retail participating driven by ease of access to financial markets as a result of rise in fintech, as well as COVID shifting spend patterns and behaviour ...


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