Invest in India's Future: The Top Infrastructure Stocks for 2023

Invest wisely in India's infrastructure growth story with our expertly curated list of the best stocks to buy in 2023. Read this complete article to know more.

Best Infrastructure Stocks

If you are looking for a sector that can offer you high returns, long-term growth, and exposure to the Indian economy, you should consider investing in infrastructure stocks. Infrastructure is the backbone of any nation, and especially for a developing country like India, it is crucial for achieving its aspirations of becoming a developed and prosperous nation. In this article, we will reveal the best infrastructure stocks to buy in India that can benefit from this massive opportunity and deliver stellar returns to investors.


  • Infrastructure stocks offer long-term returns.
  • Infrastructure is the backbone of any nation.
  • India is investing heavily in infrastructure.
  • Top picks include Larsen & Toubro, Dilip Buildcon and more

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Investors should invest in infrastructure stocks for the long term. The Indian government is investing heavily in infrastructure, and this is expected to boost economic growth and create jobs. The sector is relatively less volatile than other sectors. However, investors should be aware of the risks involved, such as delays in project completion and changes in government policy.

Importance of the infrastructure sector?

Infrastructure is the foundation of economic growth and development. It includes roads, railways, airports, ports, power plants, water supply systems, and other essential facilities.

Top Infrastructure Shares to invest in 2023

1. Dilip Buildcon Limited

1. Dilip Buildcon Limited

Dilip Buildcon is a large EPC company with a good track record of completing projects.

CMP: Rs 325, Earning per share: Rs 4.62, PE ratio: 70.09, Industry PE ratio: 50.97, Price to book value: 1.18, 1 year return: 38%, 5 year return: -58.0%.

2. Larsen and Toubro Limited

2. Larsen and Toubro Limited

L&T is an Indian infrastructure company that specialises in EPC services and is focused on sustainability.

CMP: Rs 2788, Earning per share: Rs 80.12, PE ratio: 34.66, Industry PE ratio: 50.97, Price to book value: 4.24, 1 year return: 47%, 5 year return: 116%.

3. GMR Airports Infrastructure

3. GMR Airports Infrastructure

GMR is a leading company focusing on infrastructure projects.

CMP: Rs 63, Earning per share: Rs (-0.12), PE ratio: -, Industry PE ratio: 50.97, Price to book value: -46.44, 1 year return: 61%, 5 year return: 228%.

4. Adani Ports

4. Adani Ports

APSEZ has a strong presence in 13 domestic ports and has good growth potential.

CMP: Rs 806, Earning per share: Rs 29.01, PE ratio: 27.84, Industry PE ratio: 27.44, Price to book value: 3.65, 1 year return: -7.0%, 5 year return: 118%.

5. Rites Limited

5. Rites Limited

Rites Limited is a government-owned consultancy firm that provides services in transport, infrastructure, and related technologies.

CMP: Rs 511, Earning per share: Rs 21.33, PE ratio: 24.09, Industry PE ratio: 19.27, Price to book value: 4.53, 1 year return: 82%, 5 year return: 164%.

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