IPO Alert - Eastern Logica Infoway Limited launches today. Know the price band, date and other details

Eastern Logica Infoway Limited IPO

Eastern Logica Infoway Limited launches IPO

It’s the IPO season again as companies launch their IPOs to raise funds and go public. The latest company whose IPO opens today, i.e., 5th January 2023, is Eastern Logica Infoway Limited, a retail company selling multiple brands under its umbrella. Let’s look at the company profile and IPO details so that you can subscribe to the IPO with complete knowledge.

About Eastern Logica Infoway Limited

Established in 1995, Eastern Logica Infoway Limited is a leading name in retail sales and distribution of IT hardware, Smartphones, software and allied accessories. The company also offers IT-related services and provides network and security solutions to customers. The company's portfolio is divided into four main verticals - Retail, Services, E-Commerce and Distribution. 

Since its inception, the company has made a name for itself. It is present pan India with 11 retail outlets, four offices, two distribution centres and 11 virtual offices across West Bengal, Telangana, Karnataka, Haryana, Maharashtra, Delhi, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu.

Some of the company’s leading customers include the following –

  • Checkers India Technology Private Limited
  • Eshaa Communications Private Limited
  • Aakanksha Distributors Private Limited
  • Balaji Solutions Limited
  • Fareast Exim Venture Private Limited

Eastern Logica Infoway Limited IPO Details

Eastern Logica Infoway Limited IPO Details

(Source: https://www.chittorgarh.com/ipo/eastern-logica-infoway-ipo/1363/)

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Financials of Eastern Logica Infoway Limited 

Eastern Logica Infoway Limited has grown by leaps and bounds over the 25 years it has operated in the industry.

The financial metrics of the company are as follows –

Financials of Eastern Logica Infoway Limited

(Source: https://www.chittorgarh.com/ipo/eastern-logica-infoway-ipo/1363/)

So, know the details of the company and its financial performance before you subscribe to the IPO and invest in the company.

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