Should you buy the Basilic Fly IPO? Know details, reviews, financials and more before you invest.

The Basilic Fly Studio Limited IPO has gone live and is trading at a premium in the grey market. Here’s all you need to know about the IPO.


Basilic Fly Studio

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Headquartered in Chennai with subsidiaries in London and Vancouver, Basilic Fly Studios, (estd. 2012), is a visual effects (VFX) studio that produces quality visuals for TV shows, advertisements, and movies at a comfortable budget. The company has become an integral operator within the VFX landscape in India. 


  • As of Sep 1, 2023, 12.20 pm, the IPO has been subscribed 15x by retail investors

  • The IPO has a bullish sentiment, trading at a GMP of Rs.150

  • Share price band fixed between Rs. 92 to Rs. 97, with a single lot of 1200 shares

Here’s a comprehensive table of details for the Basilic Fly Studio IPO:

Here’s a comprehensive table of details for the Basilic Fly Studio IPO:

Basilic Fly Studio - IPO reservation:

Basilic Fly Studio - IPO reservation:

Basilic Fly Studio - Financials

Basilic Fly Studio - Financials

Here are the performance indicators: 

Here are the performance indicators:

Highlights and Objectives

With the capital generated from the IPO, the company plans:  

  • Funding studios in Hyderabad and Salem

  • For public issue expense

  • General company purposes

  • Investing in subsidiaries to expand workshops in London and improve offices in Vancouver

  • To expand infrastructure in Chennai and Pune offices

Basilic Fly Studio IPO strengths and weaknesses:

The strengths are as follows:

Basilic Fly Studio IPO weaknesses:

  • Operation team is technically well-versed

  • Access to cutting-edge tech

  • Knowledgeable and skilful promoters   

  • Chances of legal fines in the future

  • VFX is a volatile industry

  • Sold stock in past at prices lower than current offering price

  • Reliance on contracts that clients can end without notice

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