Time in the market creates wealth while timing the market misses wealth creation opportunities

Did you know that in an attempt to try to time the market, if you missed out on the 20 best days, your returns can get reduced to half?

Every investor’s dream is to buy a stock or a mutual fund scheme at the lowest price and later sell it at the highest price. They aim to do this so that they can maximise their profit. In a nutshell, investors try to time the market. Market timing is the process of predicting the market’s direction and accordingly planning the purchase or sale of a stock or a mutual fund scheme. Market timing usually turns out to be futile because even the best investment experts can't claim they can time the market to perfection every time. In fact, many investors miss out on good investment opportunities while attempting to time the market. They later end up repenting the opportunity cost. The opportunity cost of market timing (Source: HDFC Mutual Fund) Note: The above data considers Sensex r...


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