Maruti Suzuki India Limited reported an Rs. 2,061 crores Net Profit last quarter. All you need to know about its numbers.

Maruti Suzuki India Limited reported its numbers for Q3FY23.

Maruti Suzuki reports Q3 profits

India's most prominent producer of passenger vehicles, Maruti Suzuki India Limited, has beaten its estimates as it reported its numbers for Q3FY23. Its share price was up by 3.31% and closed at Rs. 8,696/share on Tuesday. The previous year saw its shares trading flat, down by 4% in the last five years. 

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Net Profit Better Than Estimates

Maruti Suzuki India Limited reported a net profit hike to Rs. 2351.3 crores. It has increased by 132% YoY. Financial experts estimated a profit of around Rs. 1,873 crores. Maruti Suzuki India Limited reported a net profit of Rs. 2,061 crores last quarter. 

Rise In Revenue

Maruti Suzuki India Limited's YoY revenue increased by 25% to Rs. 29,044 crores. Its revenue in the quarter ending December was Rs. 23,235 crores. The analysts estimated its revenue to be around Rs. 27,122 crores. The top line saw a sequential decline of 3%. 

Operating Profit Increases

Operating profit grew 82% YoY for Q3FY23 to Rs. 2,833 crores. It increased 304 basis points with 9.75% YoY. It is the first time that the margins have crossed 9.5% in the previous two years. Factors affecting the positive movement include:

  • Higher non-operating income.
  • Ease in commodity prices.
  • Beneficial foreign exchange changes.
  • Better realization.
  • Reduced costs. 

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Sales Increase

December quarter's total sales volume rose to 465,911 units by 8%. However, it was a 10% decline sequentially. Domestic sales rose by 10.5% YoY, and exports reduced by around 5%. 


Maruti Suzuki India Limited said that the shortage in EV components led to a 46,000 unit reduction in Q3. The orders that are still pending are at around 3.63 lakh vehicles. Out of these units, 1.19 lakh units were new models. 



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