Mishtann Foods Stock is a multibagger stock with a 480 percent return. June quarter results up by 216 percent

Mishtann Foods is a multibagger stock with 480 percent returns. June quarter results up by 216 percent

Mishtann Foods a smallcap company has given 480 returns

Are you troubled by the volatility in the last year? Most stocks are down for the year, and the smallcaps have faced greater drawdowns than the largecap stocks. But what if we told you there had been a smallcap multibagger stock in the last year. You would be excited to know that the smallcap stock Mishtann Foods has given multibagger returns in the last year. The stock has been up 195% in the last year. The stock has given more than 400 percent returns in the last few years.

Mishtann Foods was founded in 1981, and it is a smallcap company with less than 20 employees. Misthann Foods is a basmati rice company. They have trained farmers on the industry best practices to produce the best quality basmati rice. The basmati rice produced by the company is marketed under the brand names jasper, Snowflake and Jacinth. The company also sells wheat and dal. To summarise, it is a food company with a market cap of just Rs 850 crores.  

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Mishtann Foods Returns

The company has given a return of 195% in the last year and a return of more than 400 percent in the last few years. It is one of the multibagger stocks in the Indian stock markets from the smallcap universe. The stock has touched a 52-week high price of Rs 19.55. The current market price is Rs 8.58 as of 14 July 2022. The stock is down by more than 50% from its 52-week high.

The 52-week low price of the stock is Rs 2.95. So, the stock is almost three times its 52-week low price. Historically, the stock has given good returns, but that is no guarantee of future returns. On 3 August 2018, the stock was trading at just Rs 1.5 compared to the current price of Rs 8.58.

June Quarter Results

The company declared its June quarter results, and the net profit of the company increased by 216% over the corresponding period last year. The Q1 FY23 Net profit came in at Rs 11.03 crores compared to a net profit of Rs 3.49 crores in Q1 FY22. The company's sales in Q1 FY23 came in at Rs 158.27 crores compared to sales of Rs 72.36 crores in Q1 FY22. The company received more orders from retail outlets in the June quarter, and the company was able to fulfil the orders as per the requirements.

Mishtann Foods has been a mutibagger stock, and the returns given by the stock have been commendable. The investors are happy with the performance of the stock, and this has helped the stock to post stellar returns. The net profit of the stock increased by 216% in the first quarter of the current financial year. The sales also increased by 100% due to strong orders from retail outlets. The company has been able to post good performance in the short term. 


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