Multibagger penny stocks to invest: Kaiser Corporation, Gallop Entreprises, Mid India Industries

Top multibagger penny stocks!

Multibagger penny stock alert

The last one year has been jittery for the stock markets, with the returns on the stocks subdued over the last year.

The reasons for the jitters are:-

  1. War in Europe. 
  2. High inflation.
  3. Increase of interest rates by central banks globally.

These factors have contributed to the high volatility in the stock markets and low returns. But what if we told you that there are some penny stocks which were valued at less than Rs 5, but these stocks have given multibagger returns in these volatile times. You would be excited to know the names of the companies, right? Here we bring you the top multibagger penny stocks.

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Top multibagger penny stocks

It is often said that with high risk comes high returns. This is especially true for penny stocks, where the risks are pretty high. But in the last one year, these penny stocks have proved to be multibaggers, and these penny stocks have generated fantastic results for the shareholders. If you held these shares, you would be smiling all the way to the bank.

Here we bring to you 5 penny stocks which have made money for their shareholders. One stock in this list has returned more than 2900% so far this year. This means that if you invested Rs 1 Lakh in this stock, you would have Rs 30 Lakhs now. So, here is the list along with the returns:-

Top Multibagger Stocks

As you can see, all these five shares have given fantastic returns to the investors. All these shares were under Rs 5 on 03 Jan 2022, and now the share prices of these companies are from Rs 21.6 to Rs 87.95. Kaiser Corporation has given returns from Rs 2.92 to Rs 87.95 this year, i.e. a 2900%+ return. In the last one year, the returns for Kaiser Corporation have been even higher as the stock has gone from Rs 0.38 to Rs 87.95, i.e. a return of If you have any of the shares, congratulations, as you will have a sizeable corpus, thanks to the returns in these penny stocks.

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The returns in the stock markets this year have not been good. Yet some penny stocks have become multibaggers, and we have introduced these stocks in this blog. In these volatile times, these stocks have returned as much as 2900% returns YTD. Such returns are good to have, and if you are an investor in these shares, you would have been happy with your stock market returns this year. Here are some multibagger stocks that can turn an investment of Rs 1lakh to upto 5 lakhs in two years.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for general information purposes only and should not be construed as investment or legal advice. You should separately obtain independent advice when making decisions in these areas.


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