Multibagger stock Avanti feeds gave over 40000% returns. Investors earned more than Rs 4 crore by investing just Rs 1 lakh

Avanti Feeds stock has given stellar returns in the long term, and the stock has been a major outperformer in the stock markets. The stock has increased by more than 40000% since March 2009.

Multibagger stock Avanti feeds

Avanti Feeds stock has been an outperformer on the bourses, and the stock has given great returns to the investors. If you hold the stock for a long time, you will be laughing all the way to the bank. The stock has increased by more than 40000% on the stock markets since March 2009. If you had invested just Rs 1 Lakh in the stock, it would have become a massive corpus of Rs 4.34 crores. Find out more about the spectacular returns given by the stock. 

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Avanti Feeds returns

Avanti Feeds is a farm-to-fork business and is a shrimp exporter from India. The company was founded in 1993, and it got listed in 1994. It aims to be the most trusted leader in the seafood industry. It is one of the biggest seafood companies in India. It operates a coherent, integrated business model of aquaculture farms, feed mills, hatcheries and processing plants. It focuses on Innovation, R&D, Sourcing and Sustainability. The company operates five shrimp processing units, and the annual capacity of the firm is 6 Lakh Metric Tonne per annum. The major markets of the company are India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. The company also operates two frozen shrimp units with an annual capacity of 22000 Metric Tonne per annum. For the frozen products, the buyers are from the USA, Europe, Middle East, Korea, Japan and China. 

The stock was listed on July 14 1995, at Re 0.53. The current market price of the stock is Rs 447.95. If you had invested just Rs 1 Lakh in the IPO, you would have a sum of Rs 8.45 crores. Avanti Feeds share has touched a 52-week high price of Rs 673 and a 52-week low of Rs 384.9.

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Multibaggers are hard to find, and it is only in hindsight that people resent the missed opportunities. One such opportunity is Avanti Feeds, which has given a massive 40000% + return in the last thirteen years. If you had invested just Rs 1 Lakh in March 2009, you would have Rs 4.34 crores today. Here is another multibagger stock from Rs 39 to Rs 104 in just 21 days.

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