Nifty mid-cap and small-cap indices skyrocket: What's pushing the envelope?

The Nifty Mid-cap and Small-cap indices surged to all-time highs, outperforming the benchmark Nifty 50. Here are the reasons.

Nifty Midcap  and  Smallcap

In a recent surge, the Nifty Mid-cap and Small-cap indices have scaled unprecedented heights. As of 06-Sep-2023, the Nifty Mid-cap 100 index boasts a remarkable 27.86% year-to-date growth, while the Nifty Small-cap 100 index isn't far behind at 30.41%. In stark contrast, the Nifty 50 benchmark registers a comparatively modest 7.46% YTD increase.


  • On 05-Sep-2023, Nifty Mid-cap and Small-cap indices achieved unprecedented peaks.

  • The rally in these indices is fuelled by robust earnings growth and strong financial performance.

  • Increased foreign funding is bolstering market sentiment and driving the surge in these indices.

The indices reached their pinnacle on September 5, 2023. The Nifty Mid-cap 100 index concluded at 40,271, marking a 1.1% surge, while the Nifty Small-cap 100 index closed at 12,701.05, exhibiting a 1.2% increase. Notably, this marks the third occasion in the past two months that the Nifty Mid-cap 100 index has set a record high, with the Nifty Small-cap 100 index achieving the feat four times in the same period.

Financial snapshot for key players

Financial snapshot for key players

Values as of 07-Sep-2023

Why did Nifty mid-cap and small-cap reach an all-time high?

  • Growth-oriented nature: Mid-cap and small-cap companies tend to be more growth-oriented compared to their large-cap counterparts. This positions them to benefit significantly from robust economic growth and rising corporate profits.

  • Higher volatility, higher returns: These companies are inherently more volatile, offering the potential for higher returns and higher losses. This increased risk appetite among investors has contributed to their rally.

  • Robust earnings growth: The indices have been buoyed by strong earnings growth among mid-cap and small-cap companies, indicating healthy financial performance and market sentiment.

  • Foreign fund inflows: A surge in foreign fund inflows has further fuelled the rally, indicating a positive outlook on the Indian market from international investors.

  • Macroeconomic strength: The broader economic landscape in India has been robust, instilling confidence in investors and encouraging domestic liquidity flow.

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The takeaway: What should investors do?

While mid-cap and small-cap stocks have seen remarkable growth, the market remains cyclical. With elevated valuations, investors should exercise caution in the short term. Long-term prospects, however, remain promising, provided they maintain a vigilant approach in the current market conditions.

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