Mishtann foods: The Rs 3 stock that been hitting upper circuit

Investing right is the key to earning a significant amount of money. Therefore, you must be aware of all the market conditions before investing.

This Rs 3 stock made investors wealthy

About Mishtann Foods

This company was built in February 1981 with the name of HICS Cements Pvt Ltd. As the name suggests, the company initially manufactured cement. However, in January 2015, some of its promoters changed its name by taking it over. They changed the name to Mishtann Foods Ltd. Presently; this company produces agro-based products all over India. It is famous for processing and manufacturing many staple food items such as wheat and rice. The main focus of this company is on its basmati rice. 

Investing in Mishtann Foods Ltd

As we all know, investing in penny stocks is sometimes very risky. Regular news of the downfall in the stock market, mainly due to the war between Ukraine and Russia, has disturbed the investors. Thus, in such conditions, one must be very careful while investing in penny stocks. However, the share prices of Mishtann Foods have been great in terms of the market conditions. The stocks of this company have given dividends twice in 2022. Surprisingly, there has been an increment of 200% in the share prices of Mishtann foods. In January 2022, the company's stocks reached a height of 19.55 INR. However, later the price fell. However, in recent times, the cost of its stock has again reached up to 9.40 INR from 3 INR. Thus, the company has given 215% of the return in a year. 

The main focus of the company in recent times is its basmati rice. They are trying to get large-scale manufacturing and production of Basmati rice. The company has also launched salt packets recently. The customers responded positively to these salt packets.


Suitable investment at the right time is the key to earning profit in the stock market. Currently, there has been a massive downfall in the stock market. Moreover, in such conditions investing in penny stocks can be risky only if you have not researched properly. Mishtann Foods Limited has proved to deliver the best returns to its investors. Their best-selling product is their basmati rice. Therefore, investing in these 3 INR stocks could make you wealthy. 

Disclaimer: This article is meant for general financial purposes only. You must not take it as any form of legal or taxation or investment or insurance advice. You must seek separate independent advice when indulging in financial decision-making.


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