Vishnu Chemicals Shares: 75% returns in 6 months and 150% returns last year

In 2022, the Vishnu Chemicals shares produced a 75% return. When we talk of the last 1 year, the rate of return has been a whopping 150%.

This stock gave phenomenal returns in 6 months

Amid a volatile market, the significance of getting a profit at the right time has never been higher. Many expert investors consistently advocate the idea of long-term goals. However, they also highlight the importance of having an investment goal in mind. One such ace investor is Ashish Kacholia, the 'Big Whale' in the Indian stock market. 

Mr Ashish focuses on goal achievement rather than waiting merely for more returns. He has done the done tactic with a company known as Vishnu Chemicals. This particular stock has returned phenomenal shares in the last year in the Indian stock market. Ashish Kacholia has booked partial profit in this company’s stocks.

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In 2022, Vishnu Chemicals shares have produced an amazing 75% return to its shareholders. When we talk of the last 1 year, the rate of return has been a whopping 150%. In the Indian stock market, this stock has become one of the multibagger stocks. 

As per the Vishnu Chemicals shareholding pattern for the 2022 period, April-June, there are 4,03,522 shares in Ashish Kacholia’s name. This represents 3.38 % of the total paid-up capital of this budding organization. In the 2022 quarter for the January-March period, Kacholia was holding 5 lacs shares of the company. This was equivalent to 4.19% of the total paid-up capital of the phenomenal-growth organization. Therefore, the genius investor has reduced his holding of the organization by selling off a 0.81% stake, which is 96,478 shares of Vishnu Chemicals.

Ashish Kacholia has booked partial profit in the company for the third consecutive quarter. Ashish Kacholia first reduced his holding to 4.8% in the company in December 2021 quarter. Afterwards, he further reduced it to 4.19% in the 2022 quarter of the January-March period. These developments happened after My Kacholia had kept a stake steady in the organization at around 4.90%.

Vishnu Chemicals shares are one of the highest-growth stocks in the stock market of India. The company has huge growth potential and those who invested in it have benefited a lot. In the last 5 years, this stock has registered an unbelievable 475% rise in the Indian stock market.

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