Rakesh Jhunjhunwala held stock gives 35% return this year despite market volatility

As we all know, the stock market is facing significant disruption and instability. Even in such conditions, the stocks of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala manage to surge and make a strong position in the market. Let's explore more about them.

This stock gives a 35 percent return this year

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Stocks

The stocks of Jhunjhunwala are always in demand in the stock market. All the stock market investors want to know whether the price of these stocks has risen or fallen. According to June 2022, Jhunjhunwala holds 1% of the company's stake with 33 total stocks in his Portfolio. The most extensive stock in his Portfolio is Titan Company Ltd. His Portfolio contains all other small, medium and large-cap stocks. Some of his large-cap stocks are CRISIL and Tata Motors. Jhunjhunwala is famous as Indian Warren Buffet or the big bull of the stock market. 

Immense Performance of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Stocks in the Stock Market

Most of the stocks of the stock market are facing a downfall; however, even in such circumstances, the stocks of R. Jhunjhunwala managed to give their investors an excellent performance and profit. Recently, there was a downfall in NIFTY and Sensex. On the other hand, Metro brands of Jhunjhunwala stocks manage to surge from 560 INR to 617 INR. However, recently, NIFTY lost 53 points, and Sensex lost 180 points. 

The shareholders of metro brands of Jhunjhunwala received approximately 35% of the return.

Moreover, according to Year-to-Date, the price of these stocks at apiece level surged from 420 INR to 715 INR. The cost of a piece of metro brand is 617.50 INR. According to the recent data, Jhunjhunwala holds approximately 14.485 of the shares of Metro Brands. 

According to the data of 17th June 2022, the net worth or the Portfolio of Jhunjhunwala was around INR 26,385 crores. His investment in his wife's name holds a value of INR 7,005 crores. All his investments are made by RARE Enterprises (the private investment business of Jhunjhunwala).

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Although we have seen a significant instability and downfall in the stock market, the Jhunjhunwala stocks didn't fail to impress the investors and delivered a return of approximately 35% to their investors. On the other hand, both NIFTY and Sensex experienced a downfall. Jhunjhunwala is one of the great bulls of the stock market, and investing in its stocks can be of great profit. 

Disclaimer: This article is meant for general financial purposes only. You must not take it as any form of legal or taxation or investment or insurance advice. You must seek separate independent advice when indulging in financial decision-making.


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