Stocks Update: Top stocks which moved in 1st week of October

Investing in the financial market requires an investor to be updated about the movement of stocks in the market. With an update from the 1st week of October, we bring you the latest information about the top stocks which moved last week. Let us take a look at the top 10 stock updates from last week!

Top stocks which moved in 1st week of October

To become successful in the financial market and earn profits, an investor must be up to date on the latest movements in the market. Any changes in price for stocks in the market can be turned into an opportunity for making profits. Understanding the changes in the market can help choose suitable investments and predict the market's direction. 

Financial Market Updates: Last week

Bringing you the latest updates from the financial market, we intend to help you make informed decisions about investing. The financial market updates for the 1st week of October are listed below:

  • Equities valuing Rs 39,878 crores were purchased, and Rs 39,915 crores were sold by foreign institutional investors.
  • The net value of equities sold by foreign institutional investors in the past week is Rs 36 crores.
  • The Domestic institutional investors purchased equities valuing Rs 24,000 crores and sold equities worth Rs 23,065 crores.
  • The net value of equities purchased by domestic institutional investors in the past week is Rs 1024 crores.
  • Indian equity experienced an overall gain of 1 percent.
  • The rupee has depreciated further down to a value of Rs 82.69 against the dollar.
  • The BSE Sensex for the week closed at 58,191, which is 1.33 percent more than the last week of September.
  • The Nifty50 closed for the week at 17,314, which is 1.28 more than the last week of September.

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Financial Market Updates: Top stocks that moved

The financial market in the past week saw considerable movement in certain stocks, which could present an opportunity for investors. The top stocks that moved in the past week are:

Top Gainers

  • Titan Company (CMP Rs 2730.50)

The share price of the stock saw an increase of 7 percent. The cost of the stock increased from Rs 2606 on 30th September to Rs 2730 on 7th October. The company reported good growth for the past month as the overall sales grew by 18 percent. 

  • Mahindra CIE Automotive (CMP Rs 317.25)

The Multi-technology supplier of automotive components saw an increase of 16 percent (Rs 275 to Rs 317) in the share price. The revenue of the company and the growth in opportunities have resulted in this increase. 

  • JSW Energy (CMP Rs 345) 

The price of the energy company increased from Rs 300 to Rs 345 in the past week. The company signed an MOU with the Government of Maharashtra, which led to this increase.

  • RattanIndia Infra (CMP Rs 53.85)

The company's share price rose over 14 percent as it looks to acquire Revolt motors which is the maker of one of the highest-selling electric bikes in India. The price rose from Rs 46 to Rs 53 in the past week.

Top Losers

  • Dabur India (CMP Rs 540.15)

The share price of the company saw a decrease of 6 percent in the past week. The price of the stock decreased from Rs 572 to Rs 540. Even though the company is facing certain issues due to the geopolitical environment, it is expected to have good growth in the future. 

  • Godrej Consumer Products (CMP Rs 829.85) 

The share price saw a decrease of 8 percent for the FMCG company. The price declined from Rs 910 to Rs 829.85. The decline in the price can be attributed to the drop in the performance of the firm due to Covid-19.

  • Suzlon Energy (CMP Rs 7.65)

The share price for the company declined by 9 percent from Rs 7.99 to Rs 7.55. The company can see some growth in the price with the upcoming Rs 1200 crore rights issue.

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Final Words

The stock updates for the 1st week of October can help you choose the right investment for the next weeks. Keep an eye on the stocks which moved the most in the last week. Be ready to seize any opportunity that comes your way and turn these movements into profits for yourself!

Disclaimer: This article is intended for general information purposes only and should not be construed as investment or legal advice. You should separately obtain independent advice when making decisions in these areas.


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