Tata Stock: Titan share price can reach 2500 INR. Is it the best time to invest?

The stock market is full of rises and falls of shares. However, the Tata company is a reputed company, and one of its stocks, i.e. Titan, is currently experiencing a 6% increase. The stock market expert claims it is the best time to invest in them and add them to your portfolio.

This Tata stock can go beyond Rs 2500 Is this included in your portfolio Invest now if you already say experts

Titan is a well-known Indian luxury brand. It produces luxurious items in the field of fashion accessories. Its main products are watches, eyewear and Jewellery. It is a part of the Tata Company, its parent company. Titan was initiated as a joint venture along with TIDCO. Titan is a big brand with its headquarters in Bangalore, India. Moreover, it has a registered office in Tamil Nadu.

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6% Increase in Titan's Share Prices

On Thursday, shares of Titan had received an increment of 6% on early trade on BSE. After this, the share price of the company reaches 2,133 INR. The company Wednesday released the first-quarter results of this financial year, in which it was clear that the price of the company's stocks increased from April to June.

Commenting on Titan's performance, Prabhudas Lilladher said that opening new jewellery stores is also behind Titan's growth. The company has used the unique tactics of focussing on Jewellery during the wedding season. They have increased their wedding segments, i.e. mainly the Jewelries. In the first quarter of this financial year, the company shall open approximately 463 new stores. There has been about 207% growth in the jewellery section this year.

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Experts believe the stocks might reach up to 2520 INR in the upcoming period. This excellent performance of Titan makes it a must to add to your portfolios. Moreover, Motilal Oswal from the brokerage firm claims that Titan is currently the top choice in the market as there has been a significant rise in the company's growth. He also claims that the company's target might reach up to 2900 INR. 

Visit this link to learn about the effect of increased import duty of gold on Titan.

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As there has been a massive chance of growth in the share prices of Titan, an investor must add it to their portfolio. Many stock market experts claim that the price can reach 2500 to 2900 INR. The company focussed more on its jewellery section during the wedding season. Due to this, there was significant growth in the company from April to June. According to the Thursday reports, the company's stocks increased by 6% and reached a value of 2,133 INR. Thus, it is the best time to invest in the shares of this company.

Disclaimer: This article is meant for general financial purposes only. You must not take it as any form of legal or taxation or investment or insurance advice.


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