List of high-return stocks with their target prices and stop-loss levels: Cholamandalam investments, SRF, Trent and Bajaj Consumer Care

The global market problem is not going away anytime soon. Thus, here are six stocks that experts recommend for quick gains.

These 6 stocks can offer you a good return in the short term

Particularly in the long run, the stock market is valued to offer investors significant profits. Generating money in stocks, however, could be difficult for novices who are unfamiliar with how the market operates. Although there is no guaranteed way to achieve this goal, some market experience will help you determine the best investment approach. Remember that trading in the stock market needs perseverance, self-control, and a rational approach.

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Here is a list of 6 stocks with high returns, their target prices and stop-loss:

1. Stock: Cholamandalam investments

  • Tip: Sell
  • Target Price: Rs. 600
  • Stop Loss: Rs. 662

After a fall from the "Rising Wedge" formation, the stock experienced a correction phase and experienced market volatility on pullback moves. Prices have fallen recently after finding support at about Rs 600, and price movements are now less frequent.

To know how to calculate target prices and stock levels:

2. Stock: SRF

  • Tip: Sell
  • Target Price: Rs. 1,900
  • Stop Loss: 2,120 Rupees

On the chart, the SRF has recently established a triangular pattern after consolidating in a wide range. Prices broke down in the Tuesday session from the support end of that scale, and enormous quantities accompanied the price breakdown in the Cash segment. It doesn't look good in any way.

3. Stock: Bajaj Consumer Care

  • Tip: Buy 
  • Target Price: Rs.160 
  • Stop Loss: Rs. 129  

Bajaj Consumer has experienced a remarkable recovery. The stop-loss, Rs 129, previously served as a fundamental support level from which the price began to reverse. Until essential support is maintained, affirmative action may proceed toward the aim of Rs 160. 

4. Stock: Coromandel International 

  • Tip: Buy 
  • Target price: Rs.1,065 
  • Stop- Loss: Rs. 890 

Coromandel International, a fertiliser company, has reached a fresh 52-week low of around Rs 999. There is still room to grow and surpass the psychological threshold of Rs 1,000. Any decline in price toward Rs 950 may present a purchasing opportunity. The level from which you can set a stop loss is Rs 890.

5. Stock: Trent

  • Tip: Buy
  • Target Price: Rs. 1 350
  • Stop-Loss: Rs. 1,075

Price movement on Trent points to trade in the Rs. 1,350–1,000 area. The price movement indicates that the price is emerging from the double bottom pattern, often known as the "M" pattern. Price has to rise above the 1,140-rupee resistance level and hold there to rally toward the 1,350- to 1,380-rupee levels. On the plus side, a price rally towards the Rs 1,350 October highs seems visible. With stops below Rs. 1,075, buy above such levels. It can be held for 6 to 8 weeks.

6. Stock: Insecticides India

  • Tip: Buy
  • Target Price: Rs. 1,020.
  • Stop-Loss: Rs.849 

The stock saw a "Rounding Bottom" pattern on the weekly charts. It is moving above all significant moving averages, including the 20, 50, 100, and 200-day SMAs, which is a bullish indicator.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for general information purposes only and should not be construed as investment or legal advice. You should separately obtain independent advice when making decisions in these areas.


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