Penny stocks that doubled investors money in 15 days: Regency Ceramic, Integra Garments, Spacenet Entreprises

The list includes a blockchain-powered trade finance company, apparel manufacturer and a ceramic tile company.

These penny stocks gave almost double returns in 15 days

The year 2022 has been volatile for the stock markets. The central banks are expected to further hike the interest rates, and this can put more pressure on the stocks. If you own stocks, you might have faced the headwinds, and you might be down for the year. But do you know that there are some stocks which have given an impeccable performance this year. In fact, some stocks have more than doubled in the last 30 days. 

The stocks we give in this blog have more than doubled in the last 30 days and have a return of more than 60% in the last 15 days. In the last year, two of these stocks have had more than 260% returns. If you had invested in these stocks, you would be laughing all the way to the bank. You would have more than tripled your money in the last year. 

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Returns of the stocks

The stock returns are given below:-

return on stocksreturn on stocks duration

These impeccable returns for these stocks are mind-blowing. Spacenet Entreprises is a blockchain-powered trade finance company. The firm claims to accelerate the ecosystem of fintech powered by blockchain technology. The stock has seen 289.74% returns in the last year.

Integra Garments was founded in 2007 with the vision to become the most admired apparel manufacturer in India. With a strong focus on design and creativity, the firm aims to achieve operational excellence. The stock has given 140.48% returns in the last month. If you had invested Rs 1 lakh one month ago, you would have Rs 2.4 Lakhs.

Regency Ceramics was founded in 1983, and it is a ceramic tile company with more than 25 years of experience. The company claims to be the largest exporter of ceramic tiles in India. The company has a daily production capacity of more than 44,000 sqm per day. The company claims to have more than 700 dealers. The stock has returned 119.57% in the last month. If you had invested Rs 1 lakh one month ago, you would have Rs 2.2 Lakhs. Also, the stock has given 260.71% returns in the last year. If you had invested Rs 1 Lakh one year ago, you would have Rs 3.6 Lakhs.

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Although the stock markets have not given good returns in the last year, some penny stocks continue to outperform the markets. If you are invested in these shares, you would have earned a good amount. These stocks have more than doubled in the last month. Also, two of the three stocks have 260%+ returns in the last year. 

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Disclaimer: This article is intended for general information purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice. The reader should separately obtain investment advice when making financial decisions.


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