Largest stock exchanges in the world: Top 10 - NYSE, Nasdaq, TSE, LSE, SSE, HKEX, ENX, SZSE, TSX, NSE

Of all the stock exchanges in the world, these are the top ten.

Top 10 stock exchanges in the world

A stock exchange is a marketplace where securities are bought and sold regularly, and shares of publicly-held companies are listed. The buying and selling of the securities are done under certain rules and regulations. In India, for instance, SEBI is the regulatory body. Stock excahnges in India include Calcutta Stock Exchange Ltd., India International Exchange (India INX), Indian Commodity Exchange, Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India, Multi Commodity Exchange of India, National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange, National Stock Exchange of India, NSE IFSC Ltd, and Bombay Stock Exchange.

While there are innumerable stock exchanges across are the world, only a few have global recognition. Market capitalisation is an important parameter to judge the size of stock exchanges, while the stature of the listed companies dictates its importance. 

Here’s a list of the ten largest stock exchanges in the world:

1. New York Stock Exchange (NYSE):
It is the largest stock exchange worldwide, located in New York City. Over 2400 companies are listed on it, including some blue-chip companies like Berkshire Hathaway Inc, Walt Disney Company, Coca-Cola, Walmart etc. It has a cumulative market capitalisation of over USD 26 trillion. 

2. Nasdaq:
The second-largest stock exchange worldwide, this is also a US stock exchange and is located in New York City. More than 3000 stocks are listed under it and its market capitalisation is valued at USD 19 trillion. Many enormous tech companies are listed on it, including Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Intel.

3. Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE):
It is the largest and most important stock exchange in Asia, and is located in Shanghai, China. It has around 1860 companies listed in it. The market capitalisation of SSE is boosted by several state-owned insurance companies and commercial banks, and it is valued at around USD 6.98 trillion.

4. Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE):
It is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It is owned by the Japan Exchange Group, which also owns the Osaka Stock Exchange. Over 3700 companies are listed under it. This includes Japanese heavyweights like Honda, Sony, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, etc. TSE has a market capitalisation of USD 6.64 trillion. Many leading American companies are listed on this exchange.

5. Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX):
Founded in 1891, this is home to the Hang Seng index. This stock exchange permits trading of fixed income instruments, equities, and ETFs, and is owned by Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd. Over 2500 renowned companies are listed on this exchange, such as Tencent Holdings, AIA, and PetroChina. It has a market value of over USD 6 trillion.

6. Euronext (ENX):
European New Exchange Technology was founded in September 2000 and is headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It has a market capitalisation of USD 5.5 trillion. Some top companies listed on it are L’Oreal, Procter & Gamble. Royal Dutch Shell, LVMH, Merck, etc.

7. Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE):
There are three stock exchanges in China, of which Shenzhen Stock Exchange is the smallest. It was founded on 1 December 1990 and has about 2300 companies listed under it. SZSE has a market capitalisation of USD 5.2 trillion.

8. London Stock Exchange (LSE):
It is headquartered in London, UK, and is one of the oldest exchanges in the world (founded in 1801). It has a market capitalisation of USD 4.06 trillion. Some big companies such as British Petroleum, HSBC, Toyota Motors, Barclays, and Unilever are listed under it.

9. Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX):
Owned and operated by the TMX Group, this was established in 1852 and is based in Toronto, Canada. It has a market capitalisation of USD 2.6 trillion. Several major mining and oil and gas companies are listed on it. Canada’s well-known five commercial banks are also listed here. 

10. National Stock Exchange (NSE):
Located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and established in 1992, NSE has a market capitalisation of USD 2.55 trillion. It introduced a sophisticated electronic stock market in the country. The index followed is Nifty. Some established companies such as HDFC Bank, Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Reliance etc. are listed on it.

All major stock exchanges have various indices that are closely followed by investors worldwide. Such is the influence of these stock exchanges that a change in movement in one of them can lead to a reflection in the market sentiments across the world.


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