Top 5 mobile trading apps available in India

If you are looking to trade via mobile apps, here are some of the best options.

Top 5 mobile trading apps available in India

Thanks to mobile trading apps, investors don’t need to stay glued to their computer screens all day. These apps offer trading on the go for new-age investors. The quality of service, the analysis and information provided, and the user experience are all important factors to consider. At the same time, the pricing of the app will directly affect profitability. 

Let us take a look at some of the most popular mobile trading apps offered by share brokers in India.

1. Zerodha Kite

Zerodha’s excellent Kite app features over 90,000 stocks and futures and options contracts from different exchanges. It offers a deeper know-how of market liquidity through access to Level 3 data and helps you develop effective intraday strategies. You can use hundreds of charts and indicators for your analysis, create multi-stock baskets customised to your requirements, and place orders based on your target price. On intraday orders it charges Rs 20 or 0.03%, whichever is lower. Equity delivery and mutual fund investments are free.

2. Angel Broking 

Although mobile trading apps are a new concept, the organisation behind the Angel Broking trading app has a strong legacy of 30 years. The app uses a rule-based investment engine to advise you on what stocks to invest in. You get features like real-time market updates, 21 different charts, portfolio health check etc. The Angel Broking app is integrated with 40 banks. It offers free equity delivery and charges Rs 20 per order for intraday, derivatives, currencies, and commodities.

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3. 5paisa 

5paisa allows you to trade easily across all leading stock and commodity exchanges in India. It provides various research tips and recommendations to aid the investment decision of the user. An ‘Auto Investor’ feature allows users to choose from different investment plans – tax saving, specific goal-based investment, SIP, and liquid cash investment. It offers various advanced charts and a multi-asset live watchlist. A fixed Rs 20 per order is charged irrespective of the order value.

4. Upstox Pro 

This one offers features like placing cover order and bracket orders, getting price alerts for your preferred stocks, and instant notifications. It offers an advanced charting tool, a search tool, and unlimited watch lists to help you with your trading decisions. Upstox Pro offers two options when it comes to pricing. The basic charge is Rs 20 per order or 0.05%, whichever is lower. The priority order charge is Rs 30 per order or 0.10%, whichever is lower. 

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5.Espresso by ShareKhan

Espresso makes an enticing claim of "pay only when you profit", wherein intraday trading in equity, futures and options, commodities and currencies get their brokerage waived if the trade results in a loss. It charges a flat Rs 20 on every intraday order across all the aforementioned products. You can have an entertaining experience with Espresso as it offers premium membership to Movieflix, world's first financial movie platform with learning features. Its Trade Booster Program is designed to equip you with the tools and techniques that can bring out the expert trader in you. You can also compare the benefits and services offered by different brokers online and sign up with the most suitable broker. Visit here to learn more.

Last words

When you choose a mobile trading app, ensure that it provides cutting-edge analysis through real-time information and intuitive graphs. The apps will also offer customised investment tips and user-friendly platforms. Also make sure that the mobile trading app keeps charges at a competitive level. Here are 5 Reasons why people are shifting to stock trading amid COVID-19.


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