8% Increase in VR Tokens’ Value on the Back of Apple’s VR Headset Launch

The world of Metaverse received a boost when Apple announced the launch of its Virtual Reality (VR) headset. Following the release, the value of VR tokens jumped 8%. Here’s what you should know.

Apple Launches Its Own VR Headset
  • Apple has announced the launch of VR headsets
  • VR tokens have surged in value following Apple's VR headset launch
  • You can invest in VR tokens through leading crypto exchanges
  • You can also invest in Metaverse stocks directly or through international mutual funds

Apple is a leading name in the IT sector and when it announces a new product launch, cash registers are bound to ring. This time around, however, the launch of Apple’s new Virtual Reality headset has created a buzz in Metaverse, a virtual immersive universe.

Virtual Reality (VR) tokens are like cryptocurrencies meant to be exchanged in the virtual world. The value of these tokens fluctuates depending on market perceptions and Apple’s latest launch has given them a positive momentum.

Apple is way ahead of its competitors when it comes to virtual and augmented reality. While the VR headset would be offered for sale in the last quarter of the year, it is already creating a buzz.

Here’s what reports state –

  • The trading volume of VR Tokens increased to $905 million
  • In cryptocurrency, the VR sector has shown a one-day growth of 7.9%
  • Apple’s share prices have surged by 7.4% over 14 days
  • Decentraland, the biggest VR token, has registered a growth of 5.4% within 24 hours
  • The 5D Metaverse project called Wilder World was the top gainer in the sector. It witnessed a price rise of 18.8% over 24 hours and 119% over the last month
  • Over the last day, Metaverse tokens have grown to a market capitalisation of $8.65 billion

What should you do?

Metaverse can be the next big thing in virtual reality and Apple’s headset would allow you to experience the immersive world up, close and personal. With the boom in VR tokens, you can buy them through leading cryptocurrency exchanges operating in India.

Alternatively, you can invest in Metaverse companies, i.e., companies that either operate in Metaverse or aid in its development and usage. Apple is a leading name followed by Google, Nvidia, Microsoft, Meta and more.

Adding these companies to your portfolio would give you two primary benefits –

  • One, you will be able to diversify your portfolio across geographies
  • Two, you can benefit from the growth of the company’s stocks as Metaverse and VR tokens grow.

Investing in Metaverse companies 

If you want to invest in Metaverse stocks, not tokens, you can invest through brokers tied-up with international brokers. Alternatively, you can open a Demat account with an international broker and trade in these international stocks.

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You can also choose international mutual funds offered by most fund houses. International mutual funds are feeder funds which invest in the mutual funds of other countries. Through such investments, international funds allow you to invest indirectly in Metaverse stocks.

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The bottom line

Bank on the growth of VR tokens. Invest in them directly or buy Metaverse stocks to give your portfolio a touch of diversification and enhance its return potential too.

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Disclaimer: This information should not be considered investment or legal advice and is only meant to provide general information. When concluding, you must seek independent advice separately. ;





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