Which are the 9 top companies in India, and what are their share prices?

Let us see the top companies in India according to their market cap.

top companies in India

The market cap determines a company/firm's size and is considered a significant number. Investors are interested in a company's size and calculate the market cap of a company periodically to compare it with other companies and analyze it for their investments. These are the top 9 companies in India according to their market cap and share price as of December 15, 2022.

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1. Reliance Industries (CMP: Rs. 2,580.00) 

Which is the top company in India? You must have had this question at some point. Reliance Industries is at the top of the Indian industry with a ₹1,763,263.62 crores market cap. Reliance Industries has its headquarters in Mumbai, and this multinational conglomerate engages in the petrochemical, natural resources, retail, textile, and telecommunications sectors. 

2. TATA Consultancy Services (CMP: Rs. 3,303.90)

TATA Consultancy Services sits second with a ₹1,183,428.69 crores market cap. TATA Consultancy Services, or TCS, is a consulting firm offering business solutions in the IT (information technology) services sector. It has its headquarters in Mumbai and is considered among the top companies in the IT sector worldwide. 

3. HDFC Bank (CMP: Rs. 1,630.00)

HDFC Bank is among the top companies in India in the Indian banking and financial services sector. It has a ₹841,039.51 crores market cap. HDFC Bank was incorporated in 1994 and was the first bank RBI approved in India that could offer private-sector financial services.  

4. Infosys (CMP: Rs. 1,539.95) 

The market cap or value of Infosys stands at ₹634,140.78 crores. It is the fourth largest among the top companies in India. It is a leader in IT services globally and was founded in 1981. 

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5. ICICI Bank (CMP: Rs. 905.75)

Talking about the top companies in India, ICICI bank is the fifth largest company in India with a ₹639,337.63 crores market cap. It offers various financial and banking services to corporate and retail customers through different channels. 

6. Hindustan Unilever (CMP: Rs. 2,655.70)

Another one of the top companies in India, Hindustan Unilever's market cap is ₹594,434.84 crores. It is the sixth in the top 10 Indian companies list, considering its market cap. Hindustan Unilever is a leader in the FMCG segment and has a history spanning over 80 years. 

7. SBI (CMP: Rs. 614.70)

SBI sits in seventh place in the top 10 Indian companies with a market cap of ₹548,149.65 crores. It has its headquarters in Mumbai and is a public-sector banking Indian multinational and a statutory body in the financial services sector. 

8. HDFC (CMP: Rs. 2,685.75)

HDFC is eighth in market cap in the top 10 Indian companies list. It has a market cap of ₹503,115.35 crores, and its full form is Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited. It is based in Mumbai and is involved in venture capital, deposits, education, realty, asset management, general insurance, and banking. 

9. Bharti Airtel (CMP: Rs 825.85)

Bharti Airtel is tenth in the top 10 Indian companies list. It has a market cap of ₹430,856.89 crores, and its headquarters is in Delhi. It is among the biggest (top 3) mobile service providers globally, considering its subscribers. 

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India is home to some of the biggest conglomerates in the world, and we have listed the top 9 Indian companies. These companies are among the biggest due to their market cap. Reliance leads the race, though it does not have the most expensive share in India. Madras Rubber Factory, or MRF, enjoys being the most expensive share in India. It is priced at ₹91,165.45. These are the 5 most expensive shares in India.


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