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You Can Get These Seven Tax Exemptions Even When You Choose the New Tax Regime

A look at the tax exemptions and deductions available under the new regime

Section 115BAC of the Income Tax Act: What you should know about this section to maximize tax savings

Discover the benefits of Section 115BAC of the Income-tax Act for optimising your tax returns in 2023. Choose between the old and new tax regimes wisely to save thousands of rupees. Learn everything you need to know about this little-known tax regime.

AIS Mobile app: What you should know before using this Income Tax app for compliance and prefilling of returns?

The Income Tax Department has released an app for taxpayers (AIS for Taxpayers) to encourage tax compliance and enable seamless prefilling of returns. Download the app and set up your MPIN to view your Annual Information Statement.

The new tax regime reduces tax rates at the cost of tax-free investments. Is it good or bad?

The Union Budget 2023 introduced progressive changes to the new tax regime, but it does not incentivise savings through tax-saving investments.

How to File Crypto Taxes in 2023 as an NRI?

Since crypto taxation was introduced, this might be the first time for many traders to file tax. If you are an NRI and filing taxes, this article will explain to you how to pay taxes on your crypto gains based on your scenario.

You Will Donate and Still Miss Out on Section 80G Deductions: If You Don’t Know This Rule

Find out what the new certificate required for claiming deductions on section 80G donations

The Importance of Paying Property Tax: Why Ignoring It Can Cost You Dearly?

Property tax in India is inevitable for landowners and real estate owners. Despite its importance, many people overlook this essential expense, which can result in hefty fines and penalties. Let's delve into the article to understand what property tax is. And how to optimise it?


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