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7 Important Things to Remember About TDS

You must be familiar with TDS, but here are some interesting facts about it that will give you a better insight into TDS and its entire concept.

Understanding property tax in India

Know about property tax in India and the tax calculation methods used by various state governments. Some important points that the citizens should know in order to follow the procedures and avoid penalties.

11 Ways to save tax in FY 2022-23: ELSS, health insurance, home loan, PPF

Union Budget 2022-23 did not announce any changes in the tax slabs or tax deductions and exemptions. This article discusses some ways of saving income tax.

Rs. 3,50,000 deduction from taxable income: Home loan benefits under Section 80C and Section 24

Section 80C and Section 24 can provide you with a deduction of Rs. 1,50,000 for home loan principal repayment and a deduction of Rs. 2,00,000 for interest payment. The combination of factors such as tax deductions, low home loan interest rates, steady property prices, and an increase in people’s income has made it one of the best times to buy your dream home.

Advance tax: All you need to know

Businesses, salaried people, and the self-employed have to pay advance tax. For salaried people, the employer deducts TDS and pays the Government. Businesses and self-employed have to pay advance tax on their own. Here’s how.

Best tax saving investments under Sec 80C for high returns in FY 2022-23

Looking to reduce your taxable income by Rs 1.5 lakh? Consider these investments under Section 80C of the IT Act.

How Are Virtual Digital Assets Taxed In India?

Virtual Digital asset taxation has been introduced in Budget 2022. So, here is everything you should know about this.

What are the tax implications if firms buy back their ESOPs?

ESOP buybacks by the firms need to comply with the same conditions as buybacks from the other shareholders. With recent amendments, tax implications for firms buying back their ESOPs stand at par.


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