Tax Benefits on Donations to Charitable Trusts & COVID-19 Relief Funds under section 80G & 80GGA

While the government and corporates are doing their bit in time of the current COVID-19 crisis, we as individuals too, need to play an active part in helping those around us. This article touches upon the aspect of Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) and how you can assist those around– in cash, kind or just your time. The article also helps visualise a framework you could use to create a long-term plan to support any future relief efforts. Your monetary assistance will not help everyone grow stronger together, you could also take advantage of tax breaks while donating to a host of charitable trusts and relief funds mentioned in the piece.

The COVID-19 pandemic not only claimed millions of lives across the world but also hit the livelihood of many, especially those from underprivileged sections of society. In India, the second wave has proved to be especially deadly, with many losing their lives and a higher number of people losing their source of livelihood.  The stagnant business scenario has also forced many in the industry to lay off their employees. The need of the hour is for everyone to come together and help the poor to build a better society for the future. We cannot predict how long the current scenario is going to continue, but the least we can do is help and support our fellow citizens in this time of distress. It will require a concrete effort from everyone in society to come out of the current situation...


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