How to file ITR for a deceased person? Documents required, registration for filing ITR for a deceased person

Did you know that income tax returns need to be filed for a deceased person? The returns have to be filed for the income that they earned till the date of their death. This article will focus on how you can obtain the legal heir proof, register on the Income Tax website as legal heir for a deceased person, and file income tax returns for them.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on the health of many. Several young people who were either salaried or into business lost their lives to the pandemic. Their legal heirs have been running around to get the assets transferred in their name. But, one very important task that the legal heirs may or may not be aware of is filing the income tax returns for the deceased person. Yes, the responsibility of filing IT returns for the deceased lies on the legal heirs as per Section 159 of the Income Tax Act.  The income earned by the deceased person till the date of their death has to be taken into consideration. The ITR has to be filed if the income is higher than the minimum threshold for taxation. The legal heirs will inherit the deceased person’s assets, and any income ...


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