Alternative Investment Options for Better Financial Future

Are you looking to invest in a variety of alternatives in order to generate large returns? Here, we'll discuss various investment alternatives for the year 2022, from which you can reap the maximum benefits.

Low-Risk Investment Options to Begin This Year

We all are familiar with the stock market, and how some investments can turn into incredible financial gains for the investor. Investing can be called an important cog in your overall financial wheel, as it can generate a lot of money without much exertion. 

Investing can potentially help one to counter the effects of inflation on their wealth and secure their financial future. When one’s money remains deposited in a bank account, the interest rates offer only a minor incentive. On the other hand, if one invests that money, it can potentially be their doorway to good money and a passive source of income!

In this article, we will explore some of the best investment options apart from stocks, which one can consider investing in. These are namely real estate investing, mutual funds investment, NPS investment, and PPF investment. In this article, we'll look at what these are and how they might help someone with a specific financial need.

Real Estate Investing

Real estate is considered one of the best investment options because of factors such as urbanisation, better access to home finance, and higher consumption. RERA and other regulatory bodies are having a huge impact on the transparency and safety of buyers, thus making it a good option.

Mutual Fund Investments

Equity mutual funds are an equally lucrative option if you have set sights on long-term advantages and incentives. Over the last 10 years, top-performing mutual funds have consistently ensured promising returns for the investors. Also, note that investing in mutual funds does require a sound knowledge of commercial matters. Make sure to conduct your research or get expert advice for the same.

National Pension System Investment

The National Pension System Trust, or simply the NPS Trust, is a division of the Ministry of Finance’s Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority. It is a popular personal finance option for Indians, as it provides a guarantee of retirement savings. It is also a good rainy-day investment. 

Now, all NPS investors can enjoy the benefits of rupee cost averaging. This will encourage saving discipline and increase the contributions to a comfortable retirement. Take a look at NPS performance in the last 5 years here.

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Public Provident Fund Investment

Much like NPS, PPF investments are also a long-term saving-cum-investment solution. The amount someone invests reaches maturity after quite a long period of time, anywhere between 15 and 30 years. Thus, most people use this as a retirement fund. The interest rates and tax benefits are quite lucrative, and they are government-regulated, making them extremely low-risk.

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Final Thoughts

These are our top picks for investment options which you can check out. It is very important to realise that investing comes with the risk of market volatility. Always read up and research before investing, and particularly, examine your own financial goals. This will assist you in staying informed about all of the advantages and disadvantages of the investment place of your choice.

Happy Investing!


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