Here is a step-by-step guide to enjoying a luxury yacht holiday!

Here is a handy checklist to comprehensively enjoy a luxury yacht holiday, this World Oceans Day.

This World Oceans Day, plan your holiday on a luxury yacht

Owning a luxury yacht is a symbol of having arrived in life. It means that you possess one of the ultimate trappings of wealth. Leading industrialists and corporates across India and the world own luxury yachts. However, it is not necessary to be a billionaire to experience the opulence of a luxury yacht. Today, one can get access to a yacht via timeshare, fractional ownership or by simply renting it out. This World Oceans Day, indulge in an experience of a lifetime and see the world from a different perspective. 

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Alternative to owning a yacht

By opting for a timeshare program, one can use a yacht of one’s preference for a specific number of hours in a year. Number of hours will also depend on the size of the boat. Bigger the boat, fewer are the number of hours one can use it for.

You can even be a part owner of a luxury yacht without meeting the other owners. This enables you to use the yacht without worrying about maintenance. A Special Purpose Vehicle has to be formed for enabling joint ownership. The yacht is kept by the company which bought the owners together. The yacht is also maintained by this company.

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Selecting a yacht

Assuming that you have opted for renting or for a timeshare, the next step is to select a luxury yacht. You will have to begin by identifying the number of cabins or berths which are required. Secondly, you may have to decide whether you need only a skipper or an entire crew. Thirdly, you will have to evaluate the sailing abilities of all those who will be on the yacht including yourself. Fourthly, you may have to take a call between luxury and performance as both may not be attainable. Therefore you can either select a yacht which offers speed and possess better sailing characteristic or pick a luxury yacht which is heavier.

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Number of people who are joining

The type of yacht which you select along with accommodation depends on the number of people who would be a part of this holiday. Accordingly, you will also need to make provisions for the number of crew on the yacht. Finalising all this will help you to set the overall tone of your budget.

Support crew

It would be advisable to get a chef who can whip up different dishes to satiate the refined palates of your guests. You could even arrange for a music band to keep your guests entertained.

Where to sail

It is important to determine where to sail. Accordingly, you will be able to look out for hotels and yachts. This is another factor which will determine the pricing of the yacht. Cost of accommodation will also be influenced by this. For instance, you can sail off the coast of Mumbai for a few hours or for an entire day. You can even sail all the way to Alibaug or Goa or Lakshadweep.

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Completing the paperwork

Taking your luxury yacht on a cruise is easier said than done. Depending on the country of your residence, you will have to deal with all the required paperwork. For example, if you plan to take your yacht to Lakshadweep or Goa all by yourself, then you must do the following:

  • Acquire relevant certifications and permissions to operate the yacht
  • Secure an ‘A’ classified yacht as this will be able to withstand rough weather
  • The company offering the yacht will need your personal credentials, financial snapshot, social standing and references who will vouch for you
  • Get a yacht identification number offered by the port authority
  • Secure a certificate from the Indian Marine Federation which will be provided after surveying the yacht
  • Purchase hull and personal accident insurance policies
  • If you are passing by a fishing society, you will have to get an NOC from them
  • Permission needs to be taken from the harbour master to sail out of the port. The harbour master will also intimate the destination port about your arrival.

Apart from all this, in case you are heading onto a foreign destination, you will also need to arrange tourist visas for all those who are travelling.


If you are planning to dock your yacht at a destination, you may also want to explore it. In such a case, appropriate accommodation may have to be arranged for your guests and yourself.
Remember that this is just an indicative list and you may have to research about specific requirements that may be required depending on your country of residence. If you are looking for some pocket-friendly places, then you must check out these 5 destinations for holidays under Rs 1 lakh.


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