Travel insurance in COVID-19 pandemic: COVID-19 coverage, quarantine expenses, complete medical coverage

Here’s how you can get the right travel insurance coverage in COVID-19 times.

How to choose the right travel insurance plan with COVID-19 coverage?

COVID-19 stalled travel for quite a few months. The whole world was locked down for the better part of 2020. And even as things have slowly started reopening in 2021, there are still many concerns when travelling. However, with the right travel insurance, you can overcome these concerns and travel safely. 

Travel insurance is essential for all family members, irrespective of age. The right travel health insurance can help you during unexpected times and be your safety net against a medical emergency. So, make sure to look for the following features in your plan so that you have the best travel insurance in pandemic times:

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COVID-19 coverage: The most important thing to look for when purchasing a travel insurance plan is a health insurance cover for COVID-19. The cost of treatment for the virus can vary depending on the severity of your illness. Covering these expenses out of pocket can be challenging. So, look for a plan that covers all COVID-19 claims and offers a quick settlement. 

Pro tip: Review your current health insurance plan and add more riders for comprehensive coverage.

Quarantine expenses: If you are flying internationally, you may have to quarantine yourself in the destination country for up to 14 days. This can be costly and be a heavy drain on your finances. To avoid this, you should ideally look for travel insurance online that offers coverage for quarantine-related expenses. 

Pro tip: Check the quarantine rules and expenses before you land in a particular country to avoid any unwanted surprises.

Trip cancellation: Abrupt cancellation of flights can leave you stranded at the airport. In such cases, you may have to bear the cost of a hotel room, food, etc. Some insurance companies offer a rider that can be added to your base plan at an additional cost. This rider offers you compensation if your flight gets cancelled and you have to stay in a hotel. In times of COVID-19, when hanging around in crowded places like airports can be dangerous, such a feature can offer additional security.

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Complete medical coverage: When choosing a travel insurance plan, make sure to check what it covers. While healthcare insurance for COVID-19 is important, see if the plan covers other types of medical claims. For instance, a medical emergency like an accident, injury, or sickness while you are travelling can also be concerning and lead to hefty hospital bills. Moreover, go through the list of hospitals and see if there is a network hospital in the area you are visiting. This is essential for both international and domestic travel insurance; you can save time and enjoy a seamless treatment. 

Pro tip: Compare different policies for coverage and benefits before buying one.

Losing your belongings: Losing your wallet, baggage, mobile phone, passport, or personal identity cards can be traumatising when you travel. Especially if you are in a foreign land. However, with the right insurance by your side, you can apply for a travel insurance claim to cover such damages. You can also claim a bonus for baggage lost at the airport. This can be a saviour during unexpected situations. 

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Last words

Purchasing a travel insurance plan is vital for safe travel. This personal finance tool not only safeguards you but also offers peace of mind. Though it may not offer any tax benefits, it helps you save money if you are caught in unforeseen circumstances and lets you enjoy your trip without any worries.


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