Tips to plan a budget holiday during COVID-19 pandemic

Travelling on a budget is simple if you are a good organiser. Find out how to have a pocket-friendly trip during this pandemic.

How to plan a budget holiday

With the pandemic dominating 2020 (and the better part of 2021), a vacation is currently on most people’s minds. While the pandemic affected the travel and hospitality industry a great deal, the situation is changing and an increasing number of people are planning a getaway. Yes, the industry is recovering and is poised to grow. 

What are your travel plans during this pandemic? Are you planning a vacation? If you are, here are some factors to keep in mind:

Travel in the time of the pandemic

  • If you plan to travel internationally, read up on the travel restrictions in the destination country. Many countries prohibit international travel. See if the country is open and check out its travel policies.
  • Complete your vaccination before you travel. Most countries are allowing fully vaccinated tourists to visit. So, vaccination can ease some constraints.
  • Practice safe and hygienic travel when in transit, while staying at a hotel, or even when sightseeing.
  • Opt for a COVID-19 travel insurance policy to take care of unforeseen emergencies

Sticking to a budget is essential, especially given the financial repercussions of the pandemic. Wondering how to travel within your budget? Here are a few tips:

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1. Opt for free cancellations/refundable flights and hotels

It’s claimed that the early bird catches the worm. This is especially true when going on a trip. Advance planning can save you a lot of money on airfare and hotel accommodation. So, opting for refundable hotel and flight reservations with advance planning will be helpful. On-the-spot travel booking or booking at the last moment tends to jack up the tariffs. So, to save, plan at least a month or two ahead.

2. Be flexible regarding the date of travel

Try and plan your trip during the offseason, when both airfares and accommodations are cheaper. Also, be flexible with your dates. Look for the dates that offer the lowest prices. Flexibility can help you pick the most economical dates, thereby saving thousands.

3. Use coupons and deals whenever possible

Many travel companies and websites offer deals, cashback, travel discounts, etc., to bring down the booking amount. Hunt for these deals. Shop around and choose the lowest rates on airfare and accommodations, two of the most important costs of the trip.

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4. Use your accumulated credit card points

If you have travel cards, use the accumulated points and miles to book discounted airfare or accommodation. Alternatively, if your credit card has accumulated points, see if you can use the points on your tickets or hotel bookings to reduce the amount.

5. Save up before you start planning

Lastly, save up for your holiday. However well-organised you are, going on vacation calls for funds, and it is better to create a travel budget in advance rather than depleting your existing savings. So, use these pocket-friendly tips and plan a budget vacation for yourself and your loved ones!


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