Turning her passion into a successful career: How YouTuber - Nisha Madhulika – found her calling in her 50s

Nisha Madhulika proves that you’re never too old to start a new career. All it needs is some passion and hard work.

Nisha Madhulika

To most people, their 50s are when they sit back and relax after decades of hard work. For Nisha Madhulika, however, that was when she started her career as a food influencer. Nisha is one of India's top 10 YouTubers who runs a private channel, where she uploads easy-to-make, delectable recipes daily. This is her journey from a food enthusiast to a prominent name in the food scene. 

Family and background

Nisha hails from what she calls a “normal north-Indian family”. With a husband and two sons, cooking has always been a big part of her life. It probably stems from the fact that she has had a regular middle-class upbringing. But her love for food has taken quite an unexpected turn in the last few years. The now 60-year-old YouTuber, who makes vegetarian cooking videos in Hindi, has racked up a solid 3 million subscribers on the video sharing platform.

How did you decide to go from working in finance and accounts to having your own YouTube channel?

I handled finance and other work in the company that I had set up with my husband. When we later shifted to Noida, I wanted to find a new direction that would give me more satisfaction. I tried somethings, but nothing was long-term. One day, I saw an online recipe blog, and it immediately inspired me. I love cooking, so I decided to start my own blog in Hindi, and it was later turned into a website. My readers often asked me for recipe videos because they wanted to see each step. That’s when I decided to try my hand at videos. After a lot of trial and error, I uploaded some videos on YouTube, and that is how this journey was started.

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Was it easy? What have been your biggest challenges on this journey?

Nothing worthwhile is easy. You have to make the required effort. I have produced nearly 1500 recipe videos and have gained millions of followers. It has been a long journey, and I have worked every day for this. There have been all kinds of challenges, sometimes mental, sometimes technical, sometimes health. Whatever challenge I face, I try to keep an open mind and deal with it. I believe that with time and effort any situation that can be overcome will be overcome. I just keep working towards that.

There are numerous cooking channels out there. What makes yours different from others?

Of course, there are numerous channels, and each one has a unique flavour, just like the recipes we cook. I don't know what makes me special if there is anything at all that does. Maybe it’s the simplicity of my cooking. When I cook a recipe, I try to ask myself, “What are the problems that a regular person at home would have while preparing it?” Then I try to solve those problems in my video beforehand.

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Who is your inspiration or idol?

I believe one should be inspired by ideals not idols. No one needs to be like or emulate anyone else. We can all find our unique paths. There are many fantastic people in our niche, and they all deserve applause and success. But if I did have to pick out someone, then Tarla Dalal was one of the first cooks I came across and really admired. 


Describe the moment when you felt like you had made it big in your life

Truthfully, I feel accomplished and fulfilled, but I don't feel like I have made it big. I think that's a very egoistic notion. It's better to believe that you're doing a service, rather than making it about yourself. I believe I am doing a service to families, that has kept me humble.

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What is the one thing that keeps you motivated?

The very fact that I believe that I am doing a service. I trust that I have helped millions of homes eat better food, find more happiness and better health. What other motivation would I need?

What do you hope to achieve in the future?

I am not sure. I don't have any plans for particular achievements. I just want to continue what I am doing and bring more good food to homes and families. The internet is booming in India, and one day it will give me the potential to reach every Indian household. So yes, I'd like to make a difference in every Indian family's happiness.

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Do you have any financial, professional or personal advice for aspiring women-entrepreneurs?

Those are three different domains. I didn't start out with a financial objective, but if you do anything well and it spreads, and money follows. If there's any advice I want to give women-entrepreneurs, I would say that it is going to be tough, but you are worthy. Believe in yourself and learn as much as you can. Success will come to you sooner or later. Be patient and remember that everyone succeeds when the time is right for them. For me it happened when I reached 60, most of women entrepreneurs will experience it much younger.

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